VoicesofNY Analysis

VoicesofNY is a an online publication produced by the City University of New York’s Graduate School of Journalism that is applauded for the particular attention it spends on “ethnic media,” but I think the site could be applauded for so much more.

The news site was started originally as a reaction to the 9/11 attacks when the media was heavily criticizing the Muslim and Middle Eastern populations, and the Independent Press Association and Community Media Alliance decided that they needed to give a voice to people who fell into this category. Hence, in 2002, “Voices That Must Be Heard” was born. (Archive of articles from the original publication available here.) In 2011, CUNY obtained the site from the Community Media Alliance, changing the name to VoicesofNY and broadening the source of the voices by focusing it on all different minorities.

And this website does just that. On its main news feed page, it seems as if each article focuses on a different minority group and an issue that people of that minority group are facing. And the range of the issues covered go anywhere from hard news to entertainment to education, all easily accessible through a navigation bar at the top of the page.

But what this site does best off all, besides providing a variety of content, is they don’t try to exclude an ethnicity in their writing. There is no blame in their writing. The goal of this site is clearly to educate the public; to make all people aware of the issues that PEOPLE are facing.

VoicesofNY works well to bring together all ethnicities, to educate and to inform, and I think that this type of site would serve well to expand across the country.


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