Could the press save the public?

In 2010, the website Wikileaks published an array of government documents that exposed top-secret government actions (and wrongdoings) to the public. Chelsea (Bradley) Manning is the protagonist in this story, for he was the NSA worker that leaked these documents and in doing so, Manning proved that the media is the strongest sidekick the public will have in learning the truth.

It has happened before,a government official goes to the press to expose government secrets. The most well-known example is Watergate but there is a plethora of other examples. Because of the research paper I just finished I know that Ramparts magazine exposed the CIA of using Michigan State University as their gun-runners in the Vietnam Project. Without eager sources and willing media, the public would still be in the dark to almost all of the government’s secrets.

Whistleblowers, or a person who informs on a person or organization engaged in an illicit activity, in the story does the dirty work. They gather the intelligence, they risk their safety to expose secrets, but the media also puts their entire reputation at risk in publishing what whistleblowers have told them. Mostly because whatever they are about to report, the public is going to take as truth and that’s a lot of power for the media to have and abuse.


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