Marcus Green’s Black Lives Matter Response

What a year ago could have been called a sensation sweeping the nation, has been exposed repeatedly in the media over the last few months and it is definitely more than a trend. What the public is seeing, is an institutionalized racism that is finally coming to light because of activists seeking equality.

In his article, “It Took Me Years to Believe That Black Lives Matter. Now Here’s What I Need From You,” Marcus Green discusses what it took for him to realize what the phrase and what the movement meant. The main focus in the speech was how racism in the country has stemmed from institutionalized racism and is fueled by the lack of acknowledgment.

One example of this could be in the recent events at the University of Missouri. Racial microaggressions and lack of response from the university’s administration led to outright protest from the students on the campus. These events are similar to those happening on college campuses around the country (Ithaca College and Yale University have both been in the news recently for alike controversies).

The media seems to be focusing on the administration’s lack of communication, but what is really lacking is their actual attempt at even approaching the issue at hand. The Civil Rights Act of 1964 didn’t change anything in the country except for the ability to sue for discrimination. The actual racism is so embedded inside of our country, that people don’t notice what is going on until is pointed out (like the statistics that opened Green’s eyes to the actual problems). And for the public to be able to face the actual facts, the media has to begin to report what is actually the problem.


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