IC alum Aaron Edwards: Journalism Careers

On Monday afternoon, Aaron Edwards, skyped into our Mobile and Social Media Journalism class at the Park School to talk about our major, and to give us a clue of what we have to look forward to in our careers.

The mobile editor for Buzzfeed News, Edwards is someone who knows where journalism and where it is going in the near future, and for future graduates like me, his words were bible.

  1. Find a niche.
  2. Always be the first to raise your hand.
  3. Don’t be afraid to move on in your career.
  4. Have some personality in your social media.
  5. Have fun.

Each token of advice that he offered he could back up in his own actions.

  1. Edwards, a double major in journalism and theatre while at Ithaca College, is known for his interest in the arts and entertainment.
  2. He has always offered to help others’ with their work projects or to test out a new idea.
  3. For having graduated in 2012, Edwards has made big steps in his career, trying out new opportunities whenever they arise. He was a James Reston Reporting Fellow for the New York Times, a national news producer for Digital First Media, an associate editor for Breaking News and is currently the editor for mobile news at Buzzfeed.
  4. If you go on to Edwards’ Twitter profile, what you will see is a mix of Beyonce memes and lyrics, news updates and fun jokes. Though he contended that to perhaps keep it more professional until you have a career, Edwards said it is quite plausible to have some personality online for your followers.
  5. Finally, something Edwards said in his final minutes with the class was we as journalists need to understand that there is a balance of fun, more feature-y items and hard-hitting news. We, as journalists, don’t have to choose being professional all the time or being taken as a joke, we can be individuals in our careers.

I hope this words will guide me and inspire me as I continue to look for a career in the social media world, because all serious, all the time would lead me to wanting a different career.


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