Social media experts video conference into class

On Friday in our Mobile and Social Media Journalism course, several employees at video conferenced in to talk to a class full of aspiring journalists about the practices the company has developed over the digital platforms.

Lead web and mobile producer, Katie Kramer, and social lead, Christine Loman, answered questions raised by the class about all social media practices inside of the company, including what platforms they think work best and using social media as a platform for journalism.

  • Kramer said it’s important to understand the type of voice a journalist should have on social media sites — even if it’s a personal profile, there should be a professional undertone to what it posted.
  • The Director of Digital Operations at, Trish LaMonte, also reminded the college students in the room to remember this when posting photos on social media platforms. “We expect college students to be having fun but that doesn’t mean you need to be posting idiotic photos of you being out of control,” she said.
  • The advisors also recommended using social media management tools like Hootsuite or Tweetdeck while working with multiple platforms to publish material in order to manage the constant need for updates.

The guest speakers also spoke about how they have personally used, and how their journalists are using social media to complete normal journalism duties.

More and more often, social platforms are conducive in finding story ideas and sources. The social media managers are also using online analytics provided from these social sites to determine which stories to push more on their website.

Since’s transition to “digital-first news” was fairly recent, the employees also spoke to the class about the differences they have seen in the newsroom.

“It was different and difficult for the writers,” Kramer said. “It was hard to change the print journalism mindset of constant editing to the push of getting information out quickly over the social platforms.”

Kramer and Loman continued that where is at now, most workers are barely even thinking about the physical paper.

Embracing social media will be the change in the news world they said, and it is important to master the skills in order to be successful in the ever-changing field.


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