#ICParkSM Farewell

As our last blog post, the #ICParkSM class was asked to write about their experiences in the course and what they have learned according to the course objectives.

The first thing that I can say is that the course helped to guide my decisions in applying for future careers. Although I don’t want to stick to journalism, I’ve become cemented in the fact that I want to pursue a job in the digital spectrum, dealing with social media and marketing across social media platforms.

And this course has given me several helpful lessons:

  1. Branding – Whether it be personal branding (or branding for an organization or company) I now know how to put forward a collective front through social media.
  2. Analytics – How would you know if something works, if you can’t look at any of the numbers involved? Through weekly audits and our social media analysis, #ICParkSM has given me the tools necessary to scan social media statistics.
  3. Engagement – Perhaps the best lesson was the power of engagement through social media. Capture an audience, involve the audience and build an audience were what we focused on as a group of journalists, but this strategy can easily be applied to marketing. Tweetchats are definitely becoming one of my weekly tools in expanding my network and knowledge.

A truly powerful lesson that also comes along with learning about social media platforms is the awareness of the ever-evolving field of communications.

As a a soon to be graduate, it should be set in stone that I never have to sit in a classroom again and learn new skills and techniques. BUT if this course has taught me anything it’s that you have to constantly be updating yourself and teaching yourself new things. And I think that perhaps will be the guide to keeping me at the top of my game.


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